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All drivers will attest to the fact that their car is perhaps their most valuable possession. Just the thought of your prized car breaking down on the side of the road is a nightmare no one wants to live. However, you can never predict when you may be stuck in the middle of nowhere, but what you can do is ensure that your car isn’t damaged when being towed back to a service station by using Art’s Discount San Leandro Flatbed Towing.

Whenever you require towing services for your automobile, it is always best to choose flatbed towing as this ensures that your vehicle gets to its destination without further mishaps. This not only guarantees greater peace of mind for you, knowing that your car is in safe hands but ensures nothing further damages your prized possession.

Why Choose San Leandro Flatbed Towing?

Flatbed towing is the safest way to tow your car back to the service station, even though your car can be towed in the traditional way as well. That involves attaching the tow anchor to the chassis or tow hitch of a vehicle with only the rear wheels in motion when it is being towed.

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If your car is being towed a short distance, the traditional towing method works fine. However, to be on the safe side, you can always request flatbed towing from the towing service. There are also several advantages you can avail with flatbed towing, which include:

·       Safety

If your car has sustained serious damage like gearbox failure, brake failure, or engine failure, you don’t want it damaged any further when it is being towed. The safety of your is paramount irrespective of what it is worth, and flatbed towing ensures that your car doesn’t sustain further damage.

That’s because, in flatbed towing, the car is rolled onto a flatbed. Once the car is boarded and secured in place by the crew, it will be delivered safely to the service station for repairs.

·       Accessibility

Cars generally break down in the worst spots, and sometimes it may even be impossible to tow them as they may be stuck between two vehicles or stuck in parking garages. In such instances, the versatility of a flatbed is useful as it can incline, twist, and decline to ensure easy boarding.

What Cars are Best for Flatbed Towing?

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If you’re wondering whether your car requires flatbed towing or not, we’ll solve that riddle for you by highlighting what vehicles are best for flatbed towing in San Leandro. So, if you’ve got heavy-duty trucks, all-wheel vehicles, RVs, or U-hauls breaking down on the highway, you should always opt for flatbed towing to ensure your vehicle is towed to the service station without any damage to it.

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